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 Mature Roleplaying Section.

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PostSubject: Mature Roleplaying Section.   Sun May 29, 2011 6:27 pm

Mature Section.
There is a Mature Roleplaying section is open for anyone's access as long as an Admin has given you permission. When in the Mature section it is expected that you be Mature, this is not a place for fooling around. To be granted access to the Mature section you have to contact the head admins; Lilly or Moon.

"Mature" roleplay are these things;

Mature gaming is elegantly simple: presenting a difficult situation and reacting to it as an adult.

.I am not denouncing the sort of roleplay people choose for themselves, but so many newcomers to the worldwide roleplaying scene seem to think that mature roleplay is nothing but elitism and cybersex - which is wrong; quite the contrary! How does a character react to a drive-by shooting she witnesses? How does he react to "coming out of the closet" to his supergroup? Or to acknowledging his forbidden love for another man? How does she respond to regaining consciousness after men attempted to rape her, finding herself drenched in the blood? How does he deal with the mutant hunter that just shot all of his "furry" friends for their pelts or bounties? In fashion, "mature roleplay" can be achieved simply by rationally exploring what the character in question would do.

You see, mature roleplaying (and mature storytelling) is more than a simple smattering of R(or X)rated movie standbys. It's your motivation (why is this element here?), your intent (what does this have to do with the story?), and your end result (how do the players react?).

There is a Mature roleplaying section here in Sweet Insanity, for everyone of all ages, but to be admitted, all you have to do is ask an admin. Lilly or Moon
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Mature Roleplaying Section.
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