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 Rules And Guidelines.

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PostSubject: Rules And Guidelines.   Sat May 28, 2011 11:16 pm

Rules and Guidelines

Board Guidelines:

1. Please respect others:
-This means to all members please be polite, courteous and respectful to other members. This also means that no personal attacks or insults to other members. It’s not right and you wouldn’t like if it happened to you right?

2. Common sense:
- Act smart. Be smart. Be open-minded this means that don’t insult members for their beliefs, gender, sexuality, nationality, race, education or status. While you may not share the same opinions, it gives you no reason for you to resort personal attacks on someone else.
- Discrimination and prejudice will NOT be tolerated here.
- Members who violate this rule will be immediately banned (no excuses or questions).

3. Please use correct spelling and grammar. While we realize not everyone is an English speaker, we encourage you to try to follow the rules of good speech and writing.
These posts will be considered as spam:
-Netspeak like 'I lik U'; please use proper English.
-tYpInG llkE tHiS l33t sp34k or something similar.

4. No double-posting.
-Please try not to double-post, wait until someone has replied back to you before you post again; if you need to add something, use the edit button, it is there for a reason.

5. Do not create hateful topics! That's not polite and any members will be given a warning.

6. No hardcore swearing; it is allowed on this forum, but please do not use it excessively;
-If you are caught swearing excessively your post will be filtered and you will be given a warning.

7. This is an English Language forum, please try not to speak in other native languages as this can confuse other users.

8. Please don't write on capslock (LIKE THIS), or in that strange cap/no-cap method which some people use (LikE ThIs).

9. No plagiarism.
-Do not copy someone elses posts, and or pictures they have made without their permission, this is espeically refering to the 'Fan Art' section of the forum.
-Any user being seen doing this will be given a warning.

10. Duplicate contents will be merged.
-Threads with duplicate contents or similar topic will be merged. Please use the search function to know if the topic already exists before starting a new one.

11. The moderators and staff reserve the right to ignore any request or questions if they feel that you have not read the above rules.

Profile Guidelines:

1. Do not make your avatar picture over 200x200 pixels as this can cause viewing problems for some users.

2. Please do not make your signature an excessive spam of things, be considerate to others.
- Try not to use big fonts
- If you want to add lots of images, please make sure they aren't any bigger than 150x150 pixels.

3. Admins and Mods reserve the right to edit your signature if we deem it inappropriate.

Posting Guidelines:

1. Posting topics
- Use descriptive and relevant subject line
- Don’t start a thread with just one sentence or question. Try to engage fellow members in conversation.
- Don’t use polls excessively

2. Members are allow to post manga, anime and music in your own discretion. We have no following influence on you doing so.

3. Mark all spoilers!
Some members may not like to read spoilers! Be considerate;
[ spolier ] ---- [ /spolier ]

4. Images in topics/posts
- Please post them as thumbnails or small size or post only link.
- Consider image hosting options like ImageShack, Photobucket, or Flickr.

5. Please do not overuse CAPS LOCKS That can be so annoying.

6. Members caught spamming a couple of times will receive a warning.

Rules are subject to change without member discretion.

If failure to follow these rules, any member with three warnings will be banned without any questions asked.

Thank you for taking your time to read these rules; please obey them and enjoy your time on the Guilty Knight forum.

The Admins <3
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Rules And Guidelines.
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